Shamir Attitude III™ Sport

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Lens Family: Performance Lenses

Shamir Attitude III® Sport

Progressive sunwear lenses designed for sports and an active lifestyle
Vision zones precisely suited for sports and active lifestyles


  • Far Vision- Wide and distortion-free far vision zone, with a moderate increase of power below the fitting point, providing clear and stable vision above and below the horizon.
  • Perfect for dynamic sports in which rapid and sharp movements would otherwise cause distorted vision and affect performance.

  • Intermediate Vision- Corridor designed to ensure optimal vision of the Safety Zone. What is the Safety Zone? The 1-5m area in front of the athlete, critical for sports,
    which must be monitored continually in order to plan the next move and identify obstacles along the way. The Shamir Attitude III Sport lens maintains the precise optical power
    required for a comfortable and natural view of this crucial area.

  • Near Vision- Dynamic location of near vision zone for a clear and comfortable view of a watch, GPS and other sports gadgets.

  • Peripheral Vision- Expanded peripheral vision, specifically designed for large frames. Outstanding overall soft design.


A perfect fit for any frame

  • Suited for any frame size and shape
  • Greater optical design stability for any frame


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