New Shamir Relax™

Lenses for the digital age
Lens Family: Life Improvement Lenses

 Shamir Relax is now available in 3 versions:




Why choose Shamir Relax?

The new Shamir Relax is an advanced single vision lens available in 3 versions, providing just the extra bit of power in the lower lens area that eyes need to meet the accommodative challenges of today’s use of digital screens.
When combined with a Shamir solution for minimizing the harmful effects of blue light, it offers comprehensive protection for the digital age and gives your eyes the relief they need.


Age, accommodation and the era of digital screens

With the ever-increasing use of digital screens, whether at work or leisure, our eyes are constantly subjected to the demanding task of repeated close viewing, requiring repeated accommodation. Especially when combined with long work hours, this prolonged accommodative effort can lead to tiredness, tearing or dry eyes, headache and blurry vision.



* Duane’s standard curve
Duane A. Normal values of the accommodation at all ages. JAMA 1912;59:1010-3


The eyes' accommodative response reaches its peak around the age of nine, after which there is a gradual decline. This results in a slower reaction time for the onset of the accommodative response, as well as taking longer to reach the power needed. The slowdown of this response has a significant impact on one's general efficiency.
Inaccurate accommodation also becomes more frequent with age. The focus ability of the eyes becomes less accurate and vision less sharp when focusing on items in the close or intermediate zone. That is, the closer the item in the near viewing zone, the greater the loss of visual sharpness.


The new Shamir Relax

solves these problems by providing extra support to the eyes for their overworked task of accommodation. Each of the 3 versions is carefully designed to provide SV lens wearers the additional help they need per age group, for today's visual habits. The extra power provided by Shamir Relax in the lower lens area makes close and intermediate viewing tasks easier. It allows every patient to improve their visual performance and avoid eyestrain throughout the day, in an efficient and age customized manner.


Shamir Relax and Blue Light

It is recommended to combine Shamir Relax with protection from harmful blue light. There is growing awareness today of the potential harmful effects of the blue light emitted by all manner of digital screens and artificial light.

The new Shamir Relax is available in Shamir Blue Zero™, a lens material with built-in protection from blue light. Based on a unique polymer, Blue Zero absorbs HEV, or blue light, with proven effectiveness while maintaining lens clarity. Alternatively,
Shamir Relax can be ordered with Shamir Glacier Blue-Shield™ UV lens coating that reflects five times more HEV light off the lens than any existing conventional lens coating.


When to recommend Shamir Relax...



When patients are between the ages of

18-45, even if vision correction is not required



When patients experience eye strain

and end-of-day tired eyes



When patients are frequent users

of digital screens



Always recommend Shamir Relax with one of Shamir's

solutions for protection from harmful blue light -

Blue Zero™ or Glacier Blue-Shield™ UV


When ordering Shamir Relax please provide

the following information:

  • Patient prescription (SV)
  • Mono PD
  • Fitting height
  • Frame data: A, B and DBL
  • Relax +0.50, +0.65 or +0.80 according to patients age

Minimum fitting height 14 mm