Shamir Attitude III™ Fashion

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Lens Family: Performance Lenses

Shamir Attitude III™ Fashion

Progressive sunwear lenses designed for a stylish lifestyle


Vision zones precisely suited to the modern outdoor lifestyle

  • Far Vision- Wide and distortion-free far vision zone based on real workd images, for every prescription.
  • Intermediate Vision- Power profile specially designed for today’s modern lifestyles and the frequent use of digital devices.

  • Near Vision- Designed to minimize head tilts and the annoyance of lowering or raising a book, for comfortable reading positions.

  • Peripheral Vision- Expanded peripheral vision, specifically designed for large frames.

  • A next generation design of the successful Shamir Attitude®


A perfect fit for any frame

  • Suited for any frame size and shape
  • Greater optical design stability for any frame


Attitude III Fashion


Extended Range

Base curves & Face-form angles
The Shamir Attitude III family - progressive Sport & Fashion and SV lenses - supports a wider range of face-form angles and base curves, to optimally suit any frame, flat or wraparound, while maintaining all of the design advantages. This extended range, allows for more frames to be fitted with precisely compatible lenses, very similar to the frame’s demo lenses, ensuring the perfect fit and great looking sunwear.


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