Shamir SV III As Worn™

Next Generation SV Visual Experience
Lens Family: Life Improvement Lenses

SHAMIR SV III As Worn offers single vision patients two breakthrough benefits - lenses that are ultimately personalized to the individual prescription, as well to frame choice! By applying the most advanced optics technologies to the SV lens, Shamir now offers single vision patients today’s sharpest, most comfortable visual experience.

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1. Aspheric/Atoric Lens  2. Improved Periphery  3. Incorporates Eyepoint Technology III®  

4. Incorporates As-Worn Quadro®  5. Extended Base Curve Selection  6. Freeform® Back-Surface





An industry leader in innovative optics technologies, Shamir’s SV III As Worn features two advanced lens design technologies:
EYE-POINT TECHNOLOGY III® overcomes the different prescription-related viewing experiences. In a process known as reverse engineering, lens design starts from the perspective of real-world size of objects. It ensures that the visual experience is true and improved, providing wider and clearer fields of vision for every patient and prescription.
AS-WORN QUADRO™ ensures that once the lens is fit into the frame, the patient’s experience of the prescription is exactly the same as when originally measured by the optometrist, giving the patient the same viewing comfort and visual acuity.
SHAMIR SV III As Worn provides four times greater design stability to frame tilt variations in any chosen frame


A3 SV pano pantro



 Provides a smooth, seamless visual transition when switching between multiple pairs. 


Add to that FREEFORM production technology and you've got today's most advanced and personalized SV lens. Freeform means the lenses are custom tooled on the back surface for prescription precision throughout the lens. The result is a personalized lens with the highest optical accuracy (0.01 Diopter).



For further optimizing the visual experience, add one of Shamir’s new Glacier Premium lens coatings.



  • Personalized lenses - Custom designed per patient prescription and frame choice

  • Freedom of choice - Patients are free to choose any frame fashion or design
  • Wider viewing fields ensured by advanced design and production technologies
  • Sharp vision ensured by enhanced lens design stability in any frame



  • Offer today’s best, most advanced options for enhanced vision

  • Be a hi-tech provider, in step with latest technologies

  • Provide a confidence-building patient experience

  • Enjoy high patient satisfaction