Shamir Attitude III™ SV

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Lens Family: Performance Lenses

Attitude SV cover


Shamir Attitude III® SV


Single Vision sunwear designed specifically for sport and fashion frames
Sunwear frames represent your patients and their lifestyles. Their single vision prescription shouldn’t restrict them, and today, it doesn’t. Based on the successful Shamir Smart
Attitude®, designed for wraparound frames only, we’ve designed a new SV lens with an expanded base curve range, to support an endless variety of fashion and sports
frames, to suit any lifestyle.

Shamir Attitude III SV ensures extreme viewing comfort for any frame, flat or wraparound, and for any lifestyle or activity, be it extreme sports or an outdoor coffee with friends.
This unique new lens is completely adaptable to each patient - so you can help more patients express who they are!

Shamir Attitude III SV -

Vision sunwear designed specifically for sport and fashion frames

• Optimal design for any frame size, shape and tilt
• Greater optical design stability for any frame - large or small, wraparound or flat
• Unique lens design for large frames with expanded peripheral vision


Extended Range

Base curves & Face-form angles
The Shamir Attitude III family - progressive Sport & Fashion and SV lenses - supports a wider range of face-form angles and base curves, to optimally suit any frame, flat or
wraparound, while maintaining all of the design advantages.
This extended range, allows for more frames to be fitted with precisely compatible lenses, very similar to the frame’s demo lenses, ensuring the perfect fit and great looking sunwear.


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