Shamir Run™

Lenses Designed with the Runner in Mind
Lens Family: Performance Lenses

Lens Characteristics:

  • Optimized visual acuity and comfort in the important safety zone, offering a large and carefully positioned mid-range viewing area

  • Lens areas for peripheral and distance viewing have been optimized while minimizing distortion.

  • Provides sharp focus in all three of the runner’s important focal zones: Sharp distance viewing, safety zone (monitoring the mid-range), and near (checking pedometer, etc.).

  • Minimum fitting height: 19


shumir run broshur




  • Suitable for walking or running: ensures sharp focus whether moving at high or low speed

  • For indoor or outdoor use – Sharp focus is as important in the gym as it is on the road.



  • Extra protection safety materials – Lenses combine impact protection with lightweight comfort and performance using advanced materials such as: Polycarbonate, DLC™ (Trivex®), NXT.

  • Available in a range of colours with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

  • Optional: Mirror coated or polarized lenses

  • Photochromic lens for running: Transitions XTRActive™

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